Will your roof survive another storm season? We can provide you with a

13 Point Service Evaluation

Stay dry this hurricane season! Will your roof survive another storm season? Our experts can provide you with a state of the art thirteen point service evaluation to help you stay dry.

Only $100
(evaluation fee fully deductible off re-roof purchase)

  • Complete inspection of your roof
  • Trim overhanging limbs away from roof
  • Inspect and re-secure ridge vent
  • Caulk exposed nails
  • Caulk chimney cap and flashing
  • Clean out and inspect gutters
  • Check fascia for bad wood
  • Written estimate for a new roof
  • Check drip edge, valleys, hip & ridge
  • Listing on preferred customer list
  • Check skylight & vent flashing
  • Discount coupon for future repairs and/or re-roof
  • Free Emergency Tarping with Signed Contract

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