Different Types of Roof

Shingle Roof

1) An accepted and proven material that builders know and trust.

There's a reason so many builders use the product, and it comes down to over 100 years of service in the roofing and building industry. Plus, home buyers are comfortable with it, which is extremely important.

2) Economical. The lower cost of asphalt is probably its biggest selling point.

An architectural shingle roof might set you back about $375.00 to $450.00 per square.

3) Easy to work with and handle. Perhaps no other roofing product is as easy to install.

In some cases, a house can be done in just a couple days by a professional roofing contractor. Even serious DIYers have been known to tackle roofing projects, though it's highly recommended that they don't because of warranty issues.

4) Good Performance Record.

Depending on the product line, asphalt shingles came with a 25-50 year warranty. Many are fire-rated (as high as Class A), and require minimal maintenance.

Metal Roof

1) Lightweight

Metal is about the lightest material you can install on your roof. Though weight varies based on type, contractors and manufacturers say aluminum varies from about 50 lbs. per square, while steel can be anywhere from 100 lbs. to 250 lbs. per square.

2) Longevity

Metal offers good weather resistance and can last a long time. There are rumors of copper and zinc metal roofs in Europe lasting well over 100 years. Though this might be possible with care and maintenance you can reasonably expect a metal roof to last about 60 years, give or take.

3) Long Warranty

Many metal manufacturers offer warranties that last up to 50 years.

4) Stellar Extreme - Weather Performance

Metal is excellence at preventing leaks, offers good wind resistance, and is fire-proof. In fact, says the metal roofing alliance, some insurance companies offer homeowners up to 30% reduction in premiums. Also one of the most energy - efficient roofing materials, metal reflects heat and helps keep houses cooler in the summer.

Tile Roof

1) Longevity

Clay, concrete and sand-cast tiles will last and last, and clay tile will probably last longer than any other kind of roofing material. Some manufacturers estimate their product will last 50 years, but many Arizona homes sport tile roofs that are older.

2) Style

Clay, concrete and sand-cast tiles make a beautiful roof that gives a home a distinctly southwestern flair, also tiles are fireproof and resist rot and insects.

Flat Roofs Replacement and Coatings

Due to the many different flat and low slope applications, it is best to contact one of our certified sales estimators and they will be glad to come out and thoroughly go over the many different styles of applications.

When replacing a flat roof, the new roof must be installed with positive drainage to provide water runoff.